Cozy Slippers for the Holidays

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Slipper season has arrived. 
Keep your feet warm and comfortable with these cozy slippers
that I've rounded up for you below:


1. Moccasins - Eucoz // 2. Fluffy Slippers - UGG // 3. Reindeer Slippers - Snowdeer // 4. Star Bootie Slippers - Frelo // 5. Faux Fur Slippers - Zizor // 6. White Faux Fur Slippers - Rachel Parcell // 7. Flurry Scuff Faux Fur Slipper - Minnetonka // 8. Slippers with Antlers- Shein // 9. Pom Pom Slipper - Hiprettyus // 10. Santa & Reindeer Slippers - Socomp  // 11. Plaid Slippers - Minnetonka // 12. Grey Fur Slippers - Sosushoe // 13. Tie Dye Slippers - Crazy Lady // 14. Purple Fur Slippers - Oncai // 15. Bow Slippers - Bearpaw
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Cozy Winter Bedding

Friday, November 06, 2020

As winter is approaching and temperatures are dropping, who doesn't love to have a cozy bed for winter season or even wake up in a comfy Christmas themed bed? Below, I've picked some of my favorite bedding from plaid, faux fur, velvet and more. Check it out!

By the way, I know it's not cold here in Hawaii, but the air conditioner in the house is blasting and it always feels like winter in wonderland. Hence, we bought this faux fur comforter from Target in the picture above. It really feels soft and warm. Perfect to cozy up on the bed with a nice cup of hot herb tea and do some holiday shopping on the laptop.


Cream Cheese Decorated Pumpkin Pie for Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Wishing everyone a safe HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 
For this holiday, I've decided to bake this Halloween themed Pumpkin Pie. I love anything Pumpkin, by the way. I've used my favorite pumpkin pie recipe from Allrecipes. For the cream cheese decoration, I was inspired by this tutorial from Wilton. The cream cheese frosting was made by scratch, but you can use the recipe that Wilton has provided in the tutorial. Before I decorated the Pumpkin Pie, I drew a design on a piece of paper (see picture below). So when I pipe the design on the pie, I won't mess anything up. And that's it. Pretty simple and spooky!

 What's your favorite treat or candy for Halloween?