2 Days in Paris - Day 1

Sunday, April 30, 2017

For our 6th wedding anniversary my husband booked a trip to Paris. I've been to France several times for shopping clothes or French groceries, but I've never visited Paris though. We stayed there for only two days, yet you could have seen so much within these days.

Trocadero, Eiffel Tower, France, Paris

When we arrived in Paris, our first stop was the Trocadero, a place where you can get a stunning view to the Eiffel Tower. I was already amazed by seeing this monument from there. On the second day of our trip we actually were able to see it closer, but i will post more about this beautiful tower in my next post.

Arc of the Triomphe, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, France, ParisNext we went to the Arc of the Triomphe. You can reach this huge arch by going through the underpass. I do NOT recommend crossing the roundabout to reach it. The traffic over there is horrendous. You have a high chance to get hit by these crazy drivers. If you are interested in shopping afterwards or before, there is the Avenue des Champs-Élysées not far away from this monument.  You can find department stores, pastry shops, restaurants, or even car showrooms there.

- Sweatshirt : Pull&Bear-
- Leggings: H&M -
- Flats: Primark -
  - Earrings: H&M -
- Studded Bag: Michael Kors -

While we were there my hubby took a picture of my outfit too. Our trip consisted of a lot of walking and sightseeing, so I decided to wear something comfy. I wore a fuchsia colored sweatshirt from Pull&Bear, some black H&M leggings, and black flats from Primark. If you like this outfit you can get these items at the end of my post.

Galeries Lafayette, France, Paris

After the Arc of the Triomphe we had the chance to visit the Galeries Lafayette department store. I loved the inside of the facility especially the rooftop that has a gorgeous centerpiece dome of stained glass - really pretty! We also visited the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet next to the department store where you can find delicious fresh food and pastries.

Hotel Mercure Paris Ivry Quai de Seine, France, Paris

Then it was time for our check-in into our Hotel Mercure Paris Ivry Quai de Seine. After a small break from all the walking, we started to get hungry and we went to the restaurant Les Fontaines Saint Honoré to experience a three course dinner. It really was sooo delicious. As a starter, we had french onion soup. Our main course consisted of duck and fried potato slices, and for dessert we had some yummy crème brùlée.

Les Fontaines Saint Honoré, France, Paris

Leaving the restaurant with filled stomachs, we went on a cruise along the Seine river to view the illuminated monuments of Paris. It turned out to be very disappointing. Tourists literately ran back and forth to take pictures and selfies on the cruise and blocked every view. We weren't able to enjoy the scenery. I would recommend taking a cruise where nobody runs around and you can sit in peace. :D I love cruises, but this was by far the worst.

Anyways, bad things aside, except the horrible cruise, we liked everything about Paris. I really loved the three course dinner at the restaurant and I would love to repeat this experience. Overall, I enjoyed it. Our first day of the trip has ended. We went back to the hotel and we got ready for the next and second day of our trip.

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