Outfit 240 - Khaki Stripe Midi Dress

Friday, September 25, 2020

Last week, I completed my mandatory quarantine days and are now free to go. It feels so good to get fresh sea salt air. So far, I really love it here and I'm not disappointed at all. By the way, I was able to pick up my car from the port and my husband and I found a nice house in Honolulu. Our move in date is next week and I'm so ready to move in. 

This outfit, in the pictures above, is my last outfit that my friend took pictures of in Oklahoma before I moved to Hawaii. I wore and fitted khaki striped midi dress. I combined this nice and casual dress with some gold earrings, a summer straw hat, and some white sandals.

- Khaki Stripe Midi Dress: Fashion Nova -
- Earrings: Forever 21 - 
- Straw Hat: H&M -
- Sandals: Urban OG-

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DIY Seashell Frame Art

Friday, September 11, 2020

One day, I was strolling through a decor store and discovered a few large table lamps and picture frames embellished with gorgeous seashells. I was so inspired by those pieces that my crafty self wanted to create something with them. I thought about creating a seashell frame, because I still had some in my storage box that I bought from a decor store in Germany. 
Having a seashell frame or anything else embellished with them, reminds me of the beach and the ocean. It is a great addition to the living room, bedroom or as a gift for someone special.
In this post, I'm going to show you 
how to embellish your picture frame with beautiful seashells from the sea:

If you like, in different types and sizes and enough to cover the frame unless you have a different design in mind. You can get the seashells from the sea, craft or decor stores.
If you have kids with you, supervise them.
Flat and made out of wood, if possible, just to get that natural look. For the color of the frame, I recommend using the same or similar shade as the seashells.
I used a photo of my cat for this tutorial :)


1. First, before you glue the seashells with the hot gun, create a pattern of them on your frame so you can find out how you want your frame to like later. (Tip: Take a picture of your desired pattern on your frame so you don't forget what it supposed to look like)

2. Now, glue these precious seashells onto the frame by adding some hot glue on the the bottom of the shell. Start with the large ones and then use the small ones to fill the gaps. Hold in place until the glue has hardened up.

3. Overlap the small seashells for a more dimensional look and until you think it looks covered. Then when it's finished, wait a few minutes for the glue to dry. Add the photo to the picture and VoilĂ , your beautiful seashell frame is done.

If you have any questions to this DIY project, let me know :)

Outfit 239 - Red Surplice Dress

Monday, September 07, 2020

So far, being in quarantine is not as bad as I thought. The good thing is that I finally can take care of myself by getting enough rest and regaining some energy. I neglect myself most of the times which is not good for my overall health. Also, I don't wear any make up at the moment and my skin can breath and recover. There are eight more days until I get released from "quarantine life". I definitely will take advantage of it before it's over. 

In the pictures above, I wore a beautiful red statement dress. If you need a touch of glamour then this is the dress. It features a surplice bodice, a belt to define your waist, and nice & flowy kimono sleeves. I completed this look with some metallic brown sandals and a snakeskin bag.

- Red Surplice Dress: Fashion Nova -
- Earrings: H&M - 
- Name Necklace: My Name Necklace -
- Sandals: Chinese Laundry -
- Snake Print Bag: SheIn -

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Outfit 238 - Mustard Bodycon Dress

Thursday, September 03, 2020

This simple but chic mustard dress, in the pictures above, is the perfect dress for warm sunny days. I teamed this comfy bodycon dress with some white strappy heels, gold jewelry, and a snake print bag.
- Mustard Bodycon Dress: GoJane -
- Earrings & Chain Necklace: H&M - 
- Name Necklace: My Name Necklace -
- Sandals: Urban OG-
- Snake Print Bag: SheIn -

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Aloha, everyone!

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Aloha, How is everyone doing? 
Yesterday, I arrived safely in Hawaii. It was definitely very exhausting though. Going through customs and picking up my cat was such a hassle with all the Covid-19 situation that is going on right now. I'm glad that I have this behind me. Now, my next step is to quarantine myself for 14 days which is mandatory here. In the meantime, I will post all my outfit looks that I took in Oklahoma City on my blog.
Have you ever been to Hawaii? If, yes, any recommendations for things to do on this island?