UGG Boots Classic Short

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ugg Boots Classic Short, Ugg Boots, Chestnut

Now that it is so cold, I can wear my new comfortable UGG boots in Classic Short. I received them unexpectedly from my husband for Christmas. Thank you so much, because I really adore them!

They have such a great quality. I used to own a similar pair of these type of boots, although they were from a different brand with a different material, and I got them for a cheap price. My old ones were really beautiful, cozy, and had a nice faux fur lining. However, after wearing them around just for a month or so, the lining and the outsole started to flatten and the vamp looked badly misshapen. So I found out they didn't last long. They were so bad that I had to throw them away :(.

The UGG boots that I own now are super soft and cozy. Your feet feel like they are covered by a baby blanket and they keep you really warm. Overall, there is such a big difference between my new and the old ones. In the picture above I rolled down the boot shaft to show off the cozy thick lining. I think it looks more stylish. And because of the nice chestnut color and the simple style of the boot I can wear them to many different outfits. Again, I really love them.

Do you own a pair of these, maybe similar ones or from a different brand?
How is your experience with them?

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  1. People can say whatever they want to, but those shoes are the most comfy in the world :)

  2. nice shoes! I also wear UGG's and I love them! ♥


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