2016 New Year's Resolutions

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looking back at my resolutions for 2015 I noticed a small achievement of each resolution I wrote down. Yet there is another big achievement that I managed to complete last year. I haven't mentioned it in my post, but I got my driving license. I passed both my theory and driving test. This one truly motivated me so much and still is, that I want to achieve more no matter what.

Now let's see what I can do better or better than ever in 2016:


During my school time I always drank up to 2 big bottles of water a day. At the moment I just drink a quarter of it which is kind of unhealthy - I know...  This has to change though! So I will start drinking at least 1 bottle and then try to drink more. Besides this, I want to cook home and try out more healthy organic recipes and avoid going out to restaurants. I want to limit on eating beef & pork and eat fish more often and chicken every now and then. Creating a meal schedule will also help me and I can stick to it like a fitness challenge. Talking about fitness,  I'm currently exercising every second or third day for an 1 hour for my future beach and summer body. That's a great start right? But I try to work out a liiiiittle harder.


I want to read more books and not just magazines. They don't count as books to me :D It is a great advantage to grow my vocabulary in English and learn specific foreign words. I recently started reading a book called "Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl". I chose this book because I was really interested in her story and I was able to see the building she was hiding in in Amsterdam.

I've started with a art therapy coloring book. Do you have one too? It really feels good to draw. It really soothes and calms my soul. This year I'm ready to paint on canvas again and decorate the house with it. But not only I want to hang art on the wall, I want to fill it in with more furniture and decor, because our house is now bigger than our last apartment we used to live in.

Since I moved back to Germany last year, I have now a better chance to travel through Europe, due to the fact that all my favorite countries are so close to each other. My husband and I managed to travel to Amsterdam in Netherlands for only one day last year and it was such a beautiful experience. I will post an article about what we did  in just one day and I tell you, there really is so much to do in this country. Besides that, I keep continuing traveling as much as I can. It's good for yourself and good for your experience.

I need to pamper myself at least once a week. I'm neglecting my self too much which is not good. I want to grow out my over dyed hair and have my natural hair color back and i would like paint my nails again. Also I need to relax my mind more often. I tend to think way too much at the same time and have to start organizing my thoughts by writing everything down. It can give me a clearer head. When everything is organized then I can move forward without stress or anything else that blocks or confuses me.

Hiking through the woods or on the hills is very fun especially with friends. The best time is around spring, summer and fall. You can inhale the wild air, listening to the chirping birds and maybe come across wild animals. My plan is to visit various castles and view the landscape and mountains from there.

The last and most important resolution of all! Seriously this time I stick to all my resolutions I wrote down in this post and work on them. It just feels good when you achieve something, look back and say, Yay, I made it! I want to improve my life and try harder. I think I will write down or paint my goals on a huge paper, frame and hang it somewhere. So every time I walk by I won't forget about them. :)

What are your resolutions for this year? 
Have you made any or just told yourself its not necessary?

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