[CLOSED] Pinky Paradise Giveaway [CLOSED]

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

PinkyParadise will be sponsoring a giveaway for my lovely blog readers!

"One" of my lucky reader will win one pair of circle lenses of their choice and a free lens case!
The shipping of the product will take 14 to 25 days. 

1)Watch this brand new PinkyParadise commercial ad above.
Then tell me your thoughts on this commercial and comment on this post below.

2) Like "Pinky Paradise" on Facebook HERE

3) Like "Raspberry Jam" on Facebook HERE

4) Leave a comment on my blog with your facebook name, full name, and email address where we can contact you in case you win.
Giveaway will be closed on October, 17th 2012 and is open internationally!


AND here is a coupon code for everyone: sweetraspberryjam

By entering this coupon code:
1A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.
2. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts.
3. The coupon code can be stacked,  if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
4. The code has no expired dates

If you have any questions about this online shop check out their FAQs page.

Shop here:

Happy shopping with my code!


  1. done, http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Cutie_Animal_Lens_Case_Elephant_p/case-(elephant).htm

    FB: Skye Kumi
    Email: cloudlovely@hotmail.it

  2. really nice givaway :) I think the commercial is really cute and she looks even better with lenses ;)

    Name: Pham Hai Quynh Mai
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quynh.bupbe
    email: quynhmai@hotmail.de

  3. I love the commercial it's interesting.

    Full and FB Name:Dosta Radnjanska

  4. Name: QMai Dau
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/punchiit
    e-mail: quynhmai8@yahoo.de

    I love the commercial i think that's cute and it shows their image very well, the end is so colorfull and also the beginning with the popteen magazine is nice!

  5. This commercial is great and very truly. Everyone looks better with contact lenses: )

    Name:Nguyen Phuong Anh
    Fb:Yoko Nguyen
    mail: luckybaby115@seznam.cz

  6. The commercial is a cute idea, it's an original one too!

    facebook name: Christina Trinh
    full name: Christina Trinh
    email address: christinatrinh_@hotmail.com

  7. Great commerical, very unique ^.^

    Facebook Name: Jennifer Huang (jennifer.huang.1293)
    Full name: Jennifer Huang
    e-mail: kerr.beee@gmail.com

  8. The commercial's really cute, catchy and girl (",)

    Facebook name: MariƩ Lim
    Full name: Kristina Lim
    email address: tinzeeh.l@gmail.com

  9. It's reallu cute, girly and entertaining (",)

    Facebook Name: MariƩ Lim
    Full Name: Kristina Lim
    E-mail Address: tinzeeh.l@gmail.com

  10. Wow, i love Pinkyparadise! The price is cheap and good :) and so cute things. I have small asian eyes,I need lenses ^^ you're so pretty!

    Facebook: Sofia Vu
    Full name: Sofia vu
    E-mail: Sofiavu@hotmail.com

    Hope you have a nice day!

  11. Omg, the girl in this commercial is just like me! I never try circle lenses before but after watching this, I want to try! I wonder if I can look that pretty after wearing lenses ! This giveaway is so exciting omg >''<!

    My facebook link is : https://www.facebook.com/mimixmeo
    My name is : Do Nu Phan Quynh.
    Email is : sleikjo@yahoo.com¨
    I hope I can be the lucky one <3 Omg !! XD

  12. Name: M.May
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/m.may.yoong
    Email: mmay-mayhem (at) gmail.com

    The advertisement is cute and colourful. I like their quirky way of saying 'Circle lense makes the world a brighter and happier place'.

    ♡ M.May

  13. The commercial was funny and cute.

    Facebook Name: Diana Tran-Pham
    Full Name: Diana Tran-Pham
    Email: babie_diana@hotmail.com

  14. I think that the commercial is cute and shows the good difference between wearing circle lens and not wearing them~
    Facebook: Jerrica Liu
    Name: Jerrica Liew
    Email: jaekayy (at) gmail dot com

  15. I'm allowed to start using lenses in november, so these will go in good use!!
    FB: Noora Laitinen
    Full Name: Noora Mari Kristiina Laitinen
    Email: norski04@hotmail.com

  16. I liked the transformation part in the video, sparkly and cute ^^ It also reminded me of myself, reading magazines and wanting to wear circle lenses just like the models.

    FB: DongJae Ma
    Name: Dongjae Ma
    Email: dongjao(a)gmail(dot)com

  17. I watched it, it is so nice nad girly,it reminds me on a computer game:-)

    I ve done all steps.

    Facebook name: Dzana Cohadzic
    full name: Dzana Cohadzic
    e-mail: dzana_cohadzic@hotmail.com

  18. I loved the commercial, it was so adorable. It really showed how circle lens can change your style and can change your whole attitude.
    Fb - http://www.facebook.com/Ambiee3
    Name - Ambie Owens
    Email - Krybabyhip56@aol.com
    I'm so excited about this giveaway <3 YAY! ^_^

  19. Video would be better if the girl choose green lenses ;o)

    Facebook & Full Name: Rachael Frisch
    Email Address: raquella22@hotmail.com

    Pick me! I want these & love that they can come with a prescription!


  20. facebook name: Therese Decena
    full name: Marine Therese Decena
    email address: marinetherese@yahoo.com.ph
    i love the video..so cute..!! :D

  21. I thought the video was interesting and cute. Although, since there were no words, other viewers who don't know what circle lenses are won't know what they are advertising.

    Facebook Name: Teri Rivera
    Full name: Teri Mathel Rivera
    Email: teri.mathel@yahoo.com


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