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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Gelateria La Luna, Kaiserslautern, Cafe, breakfast, Frühstück
Gelateria La Luna, Kaiserslautern, Cafe, breakfast, Frühstück

I guess I'm lucky, because I asked for warm weather not long ago and lately temperatures are rising to the 80's and up (ca. 26 Celsius and up). I'm happy to wear summery clothes again. Aren't you happy too? :)  I really love this great weather right now.

On Wednesday my mother visited me and we had some German breakfast at my favorite "Gelateria La Luna" in Kaiserslautern again. After we were finished we've done some shopping at the mall and spent the whole day together doing some other activities.

The reason I temporarily have no internet is, because we are moving again, but just to another house in a different village. We are not satisfied with the house that we are still live in and the internet on my laptop and phone is very bad due to the lack of internet that they have in this village. We are already looking forward to move into the new one.

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