20 Facts About Me

Monday, September 22, 2014

I was tagged by the lovely and talented aprilfoolromance over Instagram. I decided to post my "20 facts about me" here on my blog, via Instagram, and Tumblr. It took me a while to come up with 20 facts, but now I finally got all of them and I'm happy to share them with you:

1) I just celebrated my 25th birthday on September 11th. I remember all who lost their life in this tragic incident in New York.

2) I'm half German and half Thai. Unfortunately I can't speak Thai, but I will give my best to teach myself this language. I already can read a few words. :)

3) I have a Korean name. Why not Thai or German? My parents thought it was a nice name with a beautiful meaning. "Cheon" = "Heaven" and "Hwa" = "Flower". All my siblings start with "Cheon".

4) I have two brothers and one sister.

5) I'm married to a my awesome husband for 3 1/2 years now. 

6) I have a cute, funny, and smart cat named Zoe. (see picture above)

7) I love to draw, craft, design clothes, and blog. My ambition is to become a successful fashion designer and blogger one day.

8) Ice skating is my favorite sport. I wish I could I figure skate like a pro. Due to some reasons I can't make it possible. All I need is to know is how to jump and spin - Sigh...

9) Halloween is around the corner. Means a lot of horror movies are coming out to the theaters soon.
I totally love them! The creepier and scarier it gets, the better.

10) I have a phobia of puking and I am scared of it. Maybe because I haven't puked since I was 7.

image via sbstv

11) Korean dramas can be addictive, don't you think? "49 days" was one of the best dramas I have ever watched.

12) I have hard times expressing my feelings to someone. When I can't do it I just feel horrible and it saddens me sometimes. I feel like a nut in a shell...

13) Ever since I've tried Green Tea Matcha smoothie in Thailand I am so, so obsessed with it.

14) I love to travel to different countries. I wish I could travel the whole world.

image via gamelosofy

15) I play old school games. They are just fun. One of my favorite games is "Streets of Rage".

16) I love to shower and taking baths. It feels so nice, it's relaxing, and it helps clear my mind from all the stress.

17) I used to sing in a music school band.

18) In my childhood I always wanted to sled down the hall staircase like Kevin from "Home Alone". So I used a cardboard box and did the same thing but I failed, i was falling out the box and tumbling down. I was in total shock but fortunately unharmed. I learned my lesson.

19) When I was around 12 years old I dressed like a boy for a certain time. I wore big shirts and oversized overalls. I even wore shoes which were bigger than my actual shoe size, like a clown.  I looked so hideous when I look at my old pictures now.

20) I love my followers! Thank you so much for reading and following my blog!


  1. love it!! i totally agree Kdramas are soooo addicting le sigh, i spent about 10 hrs yesterday watching emergency room couple!

    1. Yea, it's like you watch the episode and then you have to watch another one because you want to know what happen next :D

  2. Love your 20 facts about you :)
    Thanks for everything,
    we'll see each other soon,
    take care


  3. this is so cute! really enjoyed reading it and getting to know more about you

  4. nice blog!
    I really like kdramas! And I saw 49 days and it was amazing!! :)

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    Jeśli mój blog Ci się spodoba zaobserwuj go, a z pewnością zrobię to samo


  6. Happy belated birthday! I enjoyed getting to know you better, and I also have a kitty named Zoe!

  7. What a fun post! Love getting to know other bloggers!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  8. Are you going to check out that new Anabelle film about the possessed doll? the commercials freak me out! happy belated birthday :)


    1. Oh yes, my husband and I can't wait for the movie to be out this Friday :)

  9. schöner post. ich liebe solche facts, finde das immer total interessant :)

  10. I really enjoyed reading this tag. Great post.


  11. Wow great facts! I really enjoyed reading this! :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  12. Such a cute post -- I love posts that let us get to know bloggers better! Thanks for sharing! :) Xo, Alison


  13. It's great to know more about you!! x
    Have a look at my blog?

    sammiethestargirl.blogspot.com || Bloglovin

  14. my birthday is one day before yours! I really liked getting to know you!
    xo ClassToCloset

  15. Adorable post!!!

    Love that cake :)


  16. That's an interesting tag, a lovely way to know more about you!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  17. This is a lovely way to know more about you!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  18. Lovely post! Great way to know more about you

    x mounia


  19. Happy birthday, I wish you years more filled with fun, fashion and friends!

  20. =) Nice post. Interesting name by the way, Ms. Cheon Hwa (Heavenly Flower). learning...

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  21. It was lovely getting to know you! Thank you for sharing these facts with us!