@cheonhwajones on INSTAGRAM #6

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A little glimpse of my trip to Thailand. All these photos were taken with my phone via Instagram:

1. Sitting and waiting for my flight to Thailand at the Tokyo airport // 2. On the day of the ceremony we scattered the ashes of my grandma into the water. Flower petals where thrown after her.

3. Trip to the Golden Mountain in Bangkok // 4. The view to the temple Wat Saket.

4. Doing the wai with Ronald McDonald at the Mega Bangna mall // 5. My brother and I joking around while we were waiting on our sushi.

6. Short visit to Hua Hin. I saw so many of monkeys at the Khao Takiab temple.  //  7. Messed around with the little crabs. It was actually a short video. You can check it on Instagram. :)

8. A good friend of my father's invited us to the Black Mountain Golf Club for some coffee and dessert. // 9. A quick selfie before the visit to the temple where my great grandfather is buried.

Got a new hair cut at Me Jung Won Hair Salon inside The Mall in Nonthaburi. I wish I could style my hair like this, but I really never have time, like seriously :D :( . I was very happy with my hair cut and style though! Thank you so much!